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DR.CI:LABO Meal Replacement Powder 30 packs - Matcha flavor

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EXPIRY DATE: 21/02/2022

● Easy replacement of one meal Matcha flavor has been added to the "Mizen food" that is perfect for dieting.

● In addition to 31 kinds of natural ingredients, ingredients such as vitamin C and collagen are added.
● 100% domestic tea leaves with plenty of catechins that are good for the body are used while maintaining the nutritional balance that considers beauty and health.
● Dissolve in soy milk, milk, or water before serving.
● It has a deep taste that combines richness, sweetness, and bitterness.
● When replacing one meal, replace once during 3 meals (or 2 meals) a day.

Processed brown sugar, barley, psyllium husk, matcha, resistant dextrin, wheat, corn, brown rice, soybeans, black rice, black beans, kale, barley young leaves, glutinous rice, collagen peptide (including gelatin), swallow, acne, peanuts , Sesame, red beans, black sesame, hato barley, glutinous rice, high fiber, bubble, pine needles, potatoes, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, yomogi, carrots, cabbage, apples, pumpkin, shiitake, spinach / vitamin C
Nutrition facts label:
● Sesame powder flavor
(per packet / 15.4g)
Energy 54.8kcal, protein 1.1g, lipid 0.6g, sugar 9.5g, dietary fiber 3.3g, sodium 5.3mg, vitamin C 10mg
● Cacao flavor
nutrition Ingredient labeling (per packet / 15.5
g ) Energy 53.9 kcal, protein 1.3 g, lipid 0.4 g, sugar 9.5 g, dietary fiber 3.3 gm, salt equivalent 0.007 g, vitamin C 9.9 mg
● Matcha flavor
(per packet / 15.4g)
Energy 54.4kcal, protein 1.2g, fat 0.5g, sugar 9.8g, dietary fiber 3.1g, salt equivalent 0.006g, vitamin C 12.8mg, Epigalocatecingalate 69.3 mg, polyphenol 229 mg

How to eat: 

● Put 1 packet of "Bizen food" in a cup.
● Dissolve in about 200nL of water or lukewarm water, milk, soy milk, etc. and enjoy.
* Estimated / Milk (200mL): 138kcal Soymilk * (200mL): 128kcal * Adjusted soymilk
● Stir well When the powder is dissolved, it is ready .
● Do not use boiling water. Please use lukewarm water similar to human skin and stir well immediately.
● If you leave it for a while, it will thicken. Please consume as soon as possible without making it.
● You can enjoy it as it is, but we recommend that you take plenty of water.

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DR.CI:LABO Meal Replacement Powder 30 packs - Matcha flavor
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