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KOBAYASHI Kiribai Blood Flow Improve Shoulder Warmer Stickers 8pcs

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● Medical heating sheet for parts that can be attached to clothing. Warm the stiff shoulders with heat of about 52 degrees (heat sheet surface temperature).
● The heat lasts for 8 hours, relieves stiffness in the shoulders and reduces pain.
● A special sheet that can be attached by adjusting the angle according to stiffness and pain.

[How to use]
(1) Take out the heating sheet from the outer bag just before use.
(2) Put a heat sheet on the clothes.

[Raw materials for improving blood flow]
Iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt, water

Iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, water-absorbent resin, salts

[Standard outline]
Heat generation temperature: Approximately 52 degrees (heat sheet surface temperature)
Duration: 8 hours (time to maintain 40 degrees or more)

★ Precautions for use
1. Do not use the following people.

Those who have a fever in the affected area due to bruising, sprain, etc.・ Those who cannot remove it immediately by their own will ・ Those
who have blood circulation disorders in their hands or feet
2. Do not use in the following areas
・ Mucous membrane, face (around the eyes, etc.) )
・ Eczema ・ Rash
・ Wound
<Don't do>
1. Do not apply directly to the skin.
2. Do not use at bedtime or in a futon.
3. While using the heating sheet, do not press it with a belt, corset, obi, or bag string from above, or press it for a long time.
4. Do not use when exercising.
<Consultation> The
following people should consult with a doctor or pharmacist before use.

People who have had allergic symptoms (eg rash, redness, itch, rash, etc.) due to medicines or cosmetics
, diabetes, etc. Those who have a feeling of warmth or impaired blood circulation,
who are pregnant , those who have a physical disorder
★ Precautions when using
・ Do not press for a long time with the backrest of a chair while using a thermal sheet.
・ Do not use with kotatsu, electric carpets or other heating appliances.
・ Should you experience burns such as redness, itchiness and pain on your skin, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.
・ If you feel hot, remove it immediately. Also, when you feel it is hot, avoid using it in a state where it cannot be peeled off.
・ If you have weak skin, be careful of low temperature burns.
・ If any abnormality is found, remove it immediately.
★ Other precautions
・ Do not use on clothing that is damaged by adhesives (such as clothing with long hair) or high-class clothing.
・ When peeling off clothes, slowly peel them off so as not to damage them. (If you reattach it, the adhesive strength will decrease.)
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KOBAYASHI Kiribai Blood Flow Improve Shoulder Warmer Stickers 8pcs
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