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ST DETERGENCY Washing Tank Cleaner 192g

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The cleansing ingredients spread throughout the washing tank along with the carbonated foam, wiping away the dirt in the washing tank.
Even if it is solid, it melts without leaving any residue.

Concentrate cleansing ingredients in a tablet!
Compared to the conventional liquid type, the usage fee per use is about 1/8 and compact.
It is convenient without taking up space for stocking.

Mold spore removal rate 99.9%!
Even a small tablet type exhibits high fungicidal and bleaching effects.
Removes mold and bacteria as well as conventional products (chlorine-based liquid type).

Wash it off! Washing tank cleaning Mold spore removal rate 99.9% Carbonated foam tablet type washing detergent/cleaner

[Disinfecting/deodorizing] Washing machine detergent

●Cleaning ingredients quickly permeate
to the back of the washing tank. Thoroughly removes "mold" and "bacteria" and cleanly deodorizes worrisome odors. - Tablet type that melts quickly. No soaking is required.

●The cleansing ingredients are concentrated, so even though it's compact, it's enough for 3 times.

[Estimated usage amount] Use 1 package (64 g) for 9 kg size washing machine once. Cleaning of the washing tank (fully automatic, drum type, diagonal drum type *Can be used for both stainless steel tanks and plastic tanks.)

*Cannot be used for two tanks.


(1) Turn on the power first and put in the whole package.
* Do not use the remaining bath water with bath additives.

(2) [Fully automatic washing machine] (same for the one with a dryer)…* Set to high water level.
Run one cycle on the standard course. (Washing ⇒ Rinsing ⇒ Dehydration)
* Can also be used in the "tank cleaning course".
[Drum-type washing machine] (same for slanted drum) ... Operate in the tank cleaning course.
*Cannot be used in the standard course.

It is recommended to use once every 1-2 months.


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ST DETERGENCY Washing Tank Cleaner 192g
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