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COSME DECORTÉ Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum 20ml

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1.6 trillion high-concentration double capsules *2 24-hour quick care Moisture replenishment Aging "Multi-layered bioliposomes" x "Newly developed nano bicelles" For eyes that are prone to aging signs such as dry fine lines and lack of firmness It moisturizes and moisturizes, giving you a radiant and youthful impression morning and night.
An eye serum designed for the eyes that are overworked every day. Considering the characteristics of the skin around the eyes, which has a thin stratum corneum and poor barrier function, we have developed a new 0.02-0.07 micron disc-shaped single-layer capsule called "Nano Bicelle," which confines human-type ceramide, a barrier component that naturally exists in the skin.
Highly functional eye area product with a double capsule formulation containing 0.1 micron*1 spherical multilayer capsules ``multilayer bioliposomes'' and ``nanobicelles'' that contain a luxurious amount of beauty ingredients in multiple onion-shaped layers. It's a beauty serum.

●Both "Nano Bicelles" and "Multilayer Bioliposomes" are capsules made of biocomponent phospholipids that blend well into the skin. Each drop contains 1.6 trillion capsules*2 of these two types of beautifying skin. It penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum and melts into the skin, giving the eyes a youthful look full of moisture, firmness, shine, and brightness.
●Approaches the impression of tired eyes, such as dullness due to dryness, irregular texture, lack of firmness, and dry fine lines. Reduces the appearance of dry fine lines*3, resulting in fine-textured, firm, smooth skin.
●By providing 24-hour moisturizing care, there is no chance for dryness to occur, preventing eye problems caused by dryness.
●An oil-free, fresh essence base that spreads easily and blends into the delicate eye area without feeling burdensome. It can be used in any season, morning or night.
●A hypoallergenic formula that deeply and gently blends into dry skin.
●A delicate and comfortable tea green floral scent that soothes the skin and mind. (Common to the Liposome series)
●The round part at the top of the metal cap can be used as a massager to press pressure points. Massage will comfortably relieve eye fatigue.

*1 Particle size on the order of 0.1 microns
*2 Calculated based on 1 drop of 0.1ml (approximate value)
*3 Efficacy evaluation tested

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COSME DECORTÉ Liposome Advanced Repair Eye Serum 20ml
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