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If you think picking the right bottle of shampoo is easy, then you are wrong! It all comes down to the texture and the type of your hair. Whether it is oily, dry or damaged, every shampoo aims to serve specific purpose and to make your hair appear as healthy as possible.

You can always make your hair look beautiful with expensive serums and treatments, but for your hair to look healthy and glossy, we know it all starts with a good bottle of shampoo. Now, Japanese / Korean shampoos are one of the best out there, they often focus on bringing moisture and glossy finish to your hair to make it appear healthy.

1. SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Moist Shampoo

SHISEIDO is one of the most popular Japanese hair care brands in the world and it is loved by many, the Tsubaki Shampoo have been highly praised by many beauty gurus for several years, it is known for its high quality oils, rich Tsubaki flower extract which contain oleic and linoleic acids that is easily absorbed by your hair. Tsubaki moist shampoo help create rich moisture, smooth and soft texture on your hair, leaving it with the perfect weight that makes your hair look extremely voluminous.

This shampoo is perfect for both healthy and damaged hair, as it helps combat lack of moisture issue and bring the hydration to the roots without irritating your hair.

  • High quality oils, rich Tsubaki flower extract
  • Creates rich moisture, smooth and soft texture
  • Perfect for both healthy and damaged hair

2. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo


There's nothing like hair loss to stress us out, which can lead to even more hair loss! Throw a wrench in the vicious cycle with this anti-hair loss shampoo that'll help strengthen those locks.

This intensive shampoo is formulated with traditional Korean "hanbang" herbal ingredients to help prevent hair from falling out.

Ryo's nationally certified advanced technology maximizes Ginseng Extract so it fortifies your weakened, damaged scalp and protects hair from the roots. You'll notice an instant boost in shine, and over time you'll enjoy less hair loss and stronger, healthier hair.

3. &Honey Deep Moist Shampoo 

Clearly, moisturising is the key theme here. & honey’s key concept is providing an ultimate moisture replenishment by focusing on hydration balance. &honey contain 14% moisture level, exceeding the moisture level of the average hair care brands.

Now you know why we chose &honey, it also contains over 90% ingredients that help boost the hydration and replenishment of your hair such as honey, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and many more. If you suffer from dry and crispy hair texture, you might want to give this one a try!

  • Provides moisture replenishment by focusing on hydration balance
  • Hydration ingredients including honey, argan oil and hyaluronic acid
  • Can help dry and crispy hair texture

4. Mixim Potion Repair Shampoo

Mixim potion is a brand that combined science, medicine and beauty in one, formulated with 90% botanical oils and serums to repair damaged hair. The shampoo focuses on using unique organic concentration extract to fill the gaps and holes in the hair surface, featuring jojoba oil and baobab oil.

Although it has recently entered the market, it has shown that Mixim Potion is here to stay, as this award-winning shampoo has been the favourite to many hair stylists.

  • Combined science, medicine and beauty in one
  • Formulated with 90% botanical oils and serums to repair damaged hair
  • Features jojoba oil and baobab oil

5. CLAYGE Shampoo S

This amazing CLAYGE shampoo focuses on moisture retention, featuring carefully selected moisture boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, it aims to combat dryness and maximise the hydration of your hair. The shampoo is known for its glossy and voluminous texture that cannot be easily mimic. Leaving your hair with a light clean floral scent.

The shampoo is suitable for all hair types as it predominantly focus on capturing moisture within your scalp for as long as possible, to ensure that your hair remains healthy and nourished all day long.

  • Focuses on moisture retention
  • Features carefully selected moisture boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acids
  • Glossy and voluminous texture
  • Light clean floral scent

6. SHISEIDO Rosarium Rose shampoo RX

This shampoo is beloved for its fresh, rose fragrance. Though the bottle may seem rather small, just a little bit goes a long way and it lathers into a rich foam. It contains amino essence to help repair cuticles and hair damage.

  • This helps dry hair take shape right out of the shower with wrapped in the aroma of rose.
  • Rich foaming.
  • The fragrance of fresh roses spreads and gently wash while protecting the moisture of the skin.
  • Amino essence (arginine) is used to repair hair damage and cuticles.
  • Take care of the hair and hair ends that tend to be sticky and put them together.
  • Relax with aroma.How to use:
  • After wetting the hair well, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair.
  • Thoroughly foam and wash the scalp and hair, then rinse well.

7. POLA Form Non-Silicon Shampoo


A clear-gel that forms into a rich foam – more like a facial wash – tightens scalp for a fresh sensation.

  • This smoothing, silicone-free shampoo cleanses hair deeply leaving hair fresh and shiny.
  • Formulated to soften hair and firm the scalp
  • Contains Peony Flower extract, Grape Seed extract and moisturising Roman Chamomile.
  • Use on all hair types as the first step in your hair care routine.
  • Silicon free

8. BOTANIST Botanical Moist Shampoo


Speaking of natural ingredients, the Botanist Botanical Moist shampoo contains carefully selected plant-derived moisturising ingredients, the combination of these natural components helps bring moisture to your hair and the roots. It also focuses on bringing the shine and glossy finish to your hair without it looking oily and greasy.

It is a family-friendly shampoo that is perfect for any age, the shampoo gently protects from irritants and keep your hair moisturised while absorbing unwanted natural oil. It contains three important components for hair repairment, making it perfect for damaged hair.

  • Carefully selected plant-derived moisturising ingredients
  • Focuses on the shine and glossy finish
  • Family-friendly, perfect for any age
  • Recommended for damaged hair

9. RINREN Scalp Care Shampoo Mint & Lemon

In active ingredients of plant origin, quasi drugs scalp in pursuit of effect.
Keep the hair, scalp healthy, it prevents scalp of smell, dandruff, itching.

To approach ~ aging and postpartum hair loss problem to the head and scalp.
Friendly to the hair and scalp, fluffy lather shampoo. By arranging the scalp environment, and leads to healthy hair.
Hair growth, "to keep clean it the scalp," "promoting blood circulation" is important for hair growth. First, by using the scalp shampoo and scalp treatment, it is the first step is to lay the healthy scalp environment.

Different from the concept of traditional medicinal hair care, is the scalp line that takes advantage of the "power of plants". Suitable for scalp improvement "licorice (glycyrrhizin dipotassium)" such as the blended "Houttuynia", "Mitsuishi kelp", enjoy the fresh scent in the cool of the "sum mint of Hokkaido" and "Ehime Prefecture of lemon." you.

10. KUMANO Horse Oil With Tsubaki Oil Shampoo

Popular product in Japanese hot spring hotel. Enriched with extremely nourishing pure natural horse oil. It has been used as a multi-use moisturizer to relief and soothe cracked rough skin by Hokkaido people long time ago. Horse oil has similar structure with human natural protective sebum, it is easily absorbed by skin to hydrate skin, giving lasting moisture. The product contains seaweed and tsubaki oil.

The product is silicon-free. Although silicon can apparently make hair feel smooth and radiant, it is actually filling the gap between cuticles, not really repairing hair. Accumulation of silicon will make hair quality turns bad. Non-silicon hair products brings back hair’s health, restoring hair’s natural smoothness and radiance.

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